sammyreadsbooks version 2.0

Hey guys! Long time no blog post. How have you all been?

It’s nearly been a year since I published my last post on here – which is absolutely crazy. (Yes, I purposefully said published because I have written and deleted so many posts over this last year. It has gotten a wee bit ridiculous!) Life has been pretty crazy for me over the last two years, and admittedly I have let my blogging and my reading habits slip a little… okay, a lot. But I’m here today because I’ve given myself the swift kick up the bottom I needed, and I am going to change that.

Now, you’ve probably figured out from my super obvious title… I’m planning on revamping ‘Sammyreadsbooks’. I feel like the quality of my content has dropped dramatically in the last year or so, and I would love to get it back to where it was – and then some! I have made a lot of plans, and I have set myself a lot of goals to achieve this year, and i’m hoping that I can stick to them and prove some amazing results.

I’m hoping to branch out with the content I create, and really push myself to provide you guys with some beautiful and creative stuff. I want to develop my photography skills a bit more and work on improving the quality of pictures I share with you guys, and I would love to expand on the relationships I have with authors and businesses and really make the most of what Bookstagram has to offer.

Blogging is something I would also like to put more of a focus on this year. Not just book reviews, but Bookstagram posts and lifestyle posts as well. Even if no-one will end up reading what I write, I feel like it will give me peace of mind to sit down for a few hours a week and write about all these amazing things that come along with ‘Sammyreadsbooks’.

The Instagram account I created two years ago has changed my life in so many ways. I want to embrace all the incredible things that have been made possible because of this, and share the successes I have had with other people. Even though I said I would continue to write on this blog regardless if people read it or not, I do hope that people will stick with me along this journey and share their experiences with me as well.

Stay tuned for 2.0!

Love, Sammy.



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