Book Review – The Selection by Keira Cass


The Selection by Keira Cass
Published: April 24th 2012
Rating: ★★★★/5

Firstly, let me start off by saying that I don’t usually reach for books like these, but in this case I was pleasantly surprised.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Not only did I read this book in one sitting, I read the entire series (including the companion novellas) within the course of a week. It was addictive, what can I say?

I read somewhere that this book was supposed to be the Hunger Games meets the Bachelor. I certainly agree with the Bachelor idea, but I think it’s a far stretch of the Hunger Games. I loved the concept of the caste system, however I feel like it was more of a Cinderella story than it was a dystopian. I went into this book thinking that I was going to be reading a dystopian, and I guess I was a little disappointed with what I got, but the fun and fluffy nature of the book definitely made up for it.

Love triangles piss me off. And what does this book have? A big ol’ fat love triangle between American, Prince Maxon and her hometown boyfriend Aspen. Don’t get me wrong, the love triangle in this book worked really well and I found myself speeding through the chapters to find out what was going to happen with America and her men… but that was one of the things I hated about this book.
It felt like I was watching a tennis match and my head was flicking from side to side watching the ball… I was getting whiplash from America flipping sides between Maxon and Aspen. I guess I couldn’t really expect much more from a teenage/young adult romance, hey?

Whilst I found the main character America to be obnoxious and overly dramatic at first, she did prove to be a strong and resilient character which I loved. I was really excited to see how she developed throughout the rest of the books which is why I quickly picked up the next book in the series.

Even though this book wasn’t perfect, and didn’t hit the marks in terms of being a dystopian, I did find it highly enjoyable.




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