The start of something wonderful…

Hi there, welcome to my little book haven!
My name is Sammy and I’m a born-again book lover.

I’m ashamed to admit that in the past few years I have let my passion for books be overruled by other forms of media (personal blogging, video games etc.), and because of that I am VERY behind with books. Oops.

Recently a friend of mine (who is also a book blogger) reignited my passion for books when she showed me her bookstagram account. She inspired me to pick up the books again, and I love her for it. It started off as me re-reading one of the books that were already on my bookshelf, and then next thing I knew I was  in a massive reading binge and read five books in a week! It didn’t take long at all to follow in her footsteps and make my own bookstagram account.

Between working full time and my part time study I don’t really do much for myself, which is why I have created this blog. I’m hoping that it’s going to provide me with a much needed creative outlet, as well as giving me a sense of purpose… because there’s someone out there that will want to hear my opinion on books, right?

I’m excited about having a home for all my ramblings, and I hope you’ll follow me in my book journey.


6 thoughts on “The start of something wonderful…

  1. Welcome! I absolutely feel you Sammy, after a long “reading crisis”, I’m back even more eager to read and also to spread the word about the books I’m reading, that’s why I started a blog just a fewer weeks before you did (that’s why there’s no much content yet). Even though is in Spanish (eventually I’ll translate all the posts to English), you are more than welcome to take a look. 😉
    I’ll be looking forward for your next post! ^^


  2. Hi! You followed me on instagram and I saw that you had a blog. Having recently made a blog myself I decided to check it out! I have just read every single post on this blog and they are amazing! Congrats on having a great blog! I was wondering if you have any advice for writing reviews. I’m working on my first one (for Lady Midnight) and I’m not really sure where to start. Anyway thanks for reading this! And thanks for the follow; you’re bookstagram is flawless!


  3. Hello Sammy,
    Never thought that I follow you on IG but not in the WordPress. So here, I follow you. 😊
    Nice post and blog too.
    I’ll be looking forward for your next post!. ✌

    Would you follow my WordPress too? 😉

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